Advisory Board

Dr Darshan Anandu

Clinical Advisor, Chairman

Dr Shiamalee Perumal

Clinical Advisor

Subra Parameshwar

Technical Advisor

Prashanth Ranganath

Branding & Media Advisor

Dr Darshan Anandu

Position: Clinical Advisor, Chairman

Dr. Darshan Anandu, MD, is a board-certified, licensed physician specializing in Gastroenterology for the past 25 years. He has three offices and is a partner at Memorial Hermann Endoscopy Center.

Dr. Anandu trained at the MD Anderson Cancer Center and has been a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Texas Health Center in Houston.

Dr. Anandu is an entrepreneur with business interests in the pharmaceutical industry and is currently a chief investigator of several Phase 3 studies.

He serves on the board of the Memorial Hermann Endoscopy Center and is on the Physician Advisory Board at MD Anderson.

Dr Shiamalee Perumal

Position: Clinical Advisor

Dr. Shiamalee Perumal, PhD., led the design and development of digital sales tools at GE Corporate HQ enabling GE’s 25,000 global sales force across several industries to improve productivity, drive revenue growth, and serve customers with speed. Prior to GE Corporate HQ, She led business development and sales efforts at GE Healthcare that were focused on increasing market share, revenue, and profitability. In 2011, She won the GE President’s Club award for sales growth (#1 in total revenue generation in North America). Previously, She authored publications in the field of Structural Biology in leading journals.

She is currently the Chief Customer Officer at Aviso.

Prior to Aviso, she was the Vice President of Customer Strategy at

Subra Parameshwar

Position: Technical Advisor

Subra Parameshwar is a results-driven, customer-focused technology executive with over 20 years experience serving small, medium, start-up organizations offering technology strategies and business orientation of IT services. Subra has extensive educational background complemented with management longevity, diplomacy and business acumen. In addition, Subra has proven track record transcending organizational and geographical boundaries directing IT initiatives to achieve mission-critical business goals to increase operational & cost efficiencies, develop solutions, leverage new technologies, attain regulatory compliance, and deliver exceptional customer support service.

Subra is an accomplished IT individual who served Fortune 500 firms including Motorola, GE (Healthcare and Digital), and Accenture. Subra brings in a wealth of expertise in Healthcare Operations, Quality and Regulatory Affairs, Program Management, and Interoperability.

Prashanth Ranganath

Position: Branding & Media Advisor

Prashanth has more than 12 years of experience in brand strategy and communication. He has worked with many healthcare brands like Ramaiah Healthcare, BR Life SSNMC, Rainbow Hospitals, HCG and many more in creating their marketing and brand strategy.

He shall seek and build brand equity for Suquino in India  and other Asian regions, as one of the directors of Suquino Telehealth LLP, India. Carrying core competencies in marketing strategy, he is the founding partner of a creative agency based out of Bangalore, India – Tingg! which shall execute and handle all the marketing related activities in Asia.