Subra Parameshwar

Position: Consulting VP, Quality and Regulatory Affairs

Subra Parameshwar is a results-driven, customer-focused technology executive with over 20 years experience serving small, medium, start-up organizations offering technology strategies and business orientation of IT services. Subra has extensive educational background complemented with management longevity, diplomacy and business acumen. In addition, Subra has proven track record transcending organizational and geographical boundaries directing IT initiatives to achieve mission-critical business goals to increase operational & cost efficiencies, develop solutions, leverage new technologies, attain regulatory compliance, and deliver exceptional customer support service.

Subra is an accomplished IT individual who served Fortune 500 firms including Motorola, GE (Healthcare and Digital), and Accenture. Subra brings in a wealth of expertise in Healthcare Operations, Quality and Regulatory Affairs, Program Management, and Interoperability.