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What is Suquino?

SUQUINO in Sanskrit means, Happiness and Joy. Free of Suffering. Our ‘Digital Mudra’ brings the alignment of wellness anywhere, with care, using the power of SAFFRON

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Imagine being able to receive medical expertise, diagnosis and “live” consultation with physicians along with a designated family member without the need to physically visit a hospital? Suquino is your answer. You can access primary, specialty, and sub-specialty health care on-demand remotely, with your patient-charts (EHR)
Provider / Physicians
With Suquino teleclinic at your disposal, you can avail clinical monitoring, and provide “live” consultation and diagnosis. With a mobile and portable Telehealth Bus connecting to multi-vendor devices, you have a powerful system to help with real-time, diagnostic-level examination from various locations
With the new Saffron TeleClinic, facilities such as Long Term Care Centers and Rural Healthcare Centers have a readily available in-house platform to establish baselines, monitor clients and reduce re-admission rates over time. Saffron brings the ability to consult remote physicians and medical experts as the need arises
Suquino creates a powerful Telehealthcare eco-system that benefits the Payors significantly by eliminating redundancy in patient-exams, reducing medical transcription errors and optimizing patient-bed-time with collaboration within the healthcare eco-system and broadening the reach to the patient base

What is Saffron?

Saffron is a personalized and holistic telehealth services platform dedicated to Long Term Care in an urban and rural demography. Saffron TeleClinic provides for collaborative Real-Time as well as Off-Line remote multimedia diagnosis capability. It intelligently and cohesively enables connected care amongst Patient, Provider, Facility and Payor

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Features of Saffron

Remote Diagnostics
Remote Diagnostics
Enables healthcare practitioners to remotely view and diagnose patients' condition
Medical devices
Medical devices
Easily integrates with a large set of third party medical devices through vendor agnostic interfaces. Provides for open interfaces for third party integration of Applications, Analytical Engines, EMRs and much more
Provides healthcare analytics in realtime to all the stake holders
Multimedia Platform
Multimedia Platform
Uses state of the art technology to deliver multimedia content with required quality for diagnosis with optimal bandwidth consumption
HIPAA Compliant
HIPAA Compliant
HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, sets the standard for protecting sensitive patient data
Highly Secure
Highly Secure
Uses latest encryption and access mechanisms to protect patients and stakeholders data

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