Gus Molina

Position: Global VP of Engineering

Gus Molina is a creative, innovative thinker, visionary inventor, distinguished trainer, and an avid technical problem solver. Gus revels in solving seemingly unsurmountable challenges in ways that are simple and elegant, and takes great pride in pioneering technological advances. Gus studied Physics, Information and Computer Science, and Electrical Engineering at the University of California, Irvine, and comes to Suquino with over 30+ years of engineering experience.

Gus has spent more than 20 years as an independent contractor and consultant, over 12 years as an independent instructor for a world-class software development training company and think tank and has held key positions at leading defense and embedded systems companies performing project management, product engineering, systems engineering, manufacturing engineering, and IoT solution architecture.

Gus is a subject matter expert (SME) in secure Electronic Financial Transaction (EFT) processing systems, specialized network encryption and routing devices, wireless Mobile Virtual Network Operations (MVNO), and Internet Exchanges (IXs). He has intricate experience with the enablement, realization, and testing of the world’s best performing and most efficient computing platform. Gus holds a patent for “System for Remote Purchase and Payment Transactions”.

Gus Molina’s motto of “build it once, build it right,” will guide the Suquino engineering team in building the next generation patient-centric healthcare technology by revolutionizing the Saffron telehealth platform and its embedded ML/AI engine, Ginger.